The First Kiss Project #2

Hello, Internet. After telling the woefully embarrassing tale of my first kiss, I wanted to create a space where the equally mortified could unify and share their own stories. So, continuing on in our series The First Kiss Project I give you, the wonderful Sarah:

first kiss project

Cheshire, UK

Set the scene: What year was it? How old were you? What era are we talking, were you in acid wash jeans or was it more, My So Called Life flannel?
The year was 2002 and I was 17. I was living in baggy sports hoodies and jeans. I was more excited about my new car and being able to drive than boys. Being in a girls' school, I was bored of the constant talk of boys so rebelled against it all and much preferred hanging out with friends

Who was the kiss with? How did you know you smooching partner?

Alex, we’d met through a friend. He was the typical good looking and charming boy with the fashionable curtains hairdo. He was used to get attention from all the girls so, when I wasn't swooping at his feet, I think he saw me as a challenge

How did it come to pass? (or something less Gandalf-y).We were at the train station. He travelled from Kent to Essex for my birthday so I met him there and standing on the platform, like the teenagers that we were, he lent over and kissed me

What was it like?It was very sloppy and definitely a case of too much PDA

What happened next? Are you still in contact?We chatted over e-mail for some time but it fizzled out

How do you look back on it all these years later?I shudder at the thought of the PDA but laugh back at it thinking we were teenagers!


When Sarah isn't charming the pants off handsome Zach Morris types in the Noughties, she's busy taking beautiful pictures. You can visit her website or catch up with her on Twitter, Facebook or Instagram. Basically, she's all over the internet catering to your photography needs and you should stalk her.

If you'd like to be part of The First Kiss Project and share your story, tweet @cocoapatootie and use the hashtag #firstkissproject or #fkp. Or you can get in touch via email, head to the First Kiss Project page for details. 

Until next time, you devastatingly attractive people, you.

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