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Well hello there, Internet.
I know there's a been a slight lull in frequent posts as of late but, once again, I have a very good reason. This last month or so, I have been beavering away in Imposterland working on a few pieces for the lovely folks at eHarmony.

I've been writing a series of posts about dating, relationships and how this aligns with being a modern Muslim in Britain today. If you're like me, pretty liberal but like to respect your roots, then this is for you. Dating can be a minefield for some Muslim kids, especially when we have no frame of reference to draw from. I tried to talk about what I've observed and what helped me along the way in the hopes that it could be of some use to any of you who might be negotiating their way through something similar on the road to happiness.

My first post for eHarmony is:

A Modern Muslim Guide to Dating- Part 1

I shall be posting any subsequent article links on my, up until now, rather covert twitter page and up on here too. Enjoy my darlings and do let me know what you think, I do so love your comments and emails.

Toodles x

My Life As An Imposter

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