The First Kiss Project #1

Hello, Internet. Yes, that's right, I am back from beyond the duvet and I'm ready to get all up in your business. Like nobody's...... business. Anyway, moving on.  As some of you may remember, I wrote a piece a while ago about my first kiss and now I am calling upon you, Internet, to tell me about your first smooch. That's right, this is The First Kiss Project and I want to hear all of the embarrassing, gory, electrifying details of your first kisses. If you'd like to read about my ridiculous experience you can do so here but first, I give you the beautiful and talented Heather:

first kiss project

South East England, UK

Ok let me take you back in time 16 years to April 1998. Run DMC and Jam Master J’s ‘It’s Like That’ is at number 1. I'm 14 and look like the cartoon Daria. That was my kindest nickname. The others were ‘F.A. Cup’ because my ears stuck out so much, and the endless "Chinny-chin-chin-chinny-chin-chin-chin-chin-cherroo.” because of my under bite. Puberty was not treating me well.

I had just completed the time-honoured tradition of letting a boy know you like him by telling all of my friends and then squealing “No, don’t tell him! Don’t tell him!” while one of them obligingly ran over and told him. Katie then added, “So will you go out with her?” James looked at me. He was kind and funny and had great big glasses and was a total underdog. What was not to love? He fell to his knees and then lay flat out in the mud. “No.” His muffled voice said from the mud. He was in the Drama Club. He was very good. But then I cried. And because he was kind, as mentioned above, he changed his no to a reluctant, yes.

And that, ladies, is how we get things done.

I'm fairly sure we went out for a good two weeks before we kissed, but we’d done a lot of hand-holding while other children literally threw stones at us and made vomiting noises. Then one day, his music friends (he was also in Choir), sitting around the music room at break-time (they were so cool), kept asking him why he wouldn't kiss me. So he stormed across the room, grabbed me by the shoulders and gave me a hard, Clark Gable smacker on roughly my mouth area. It was so romantic.

Much later, he would tell me that he already knew he was gay at this point, and had only gone out with me because he felt sorry for me. And only kissed me because his friends made him.

Oh, James. This story makes me want to go back in time and slap that boy with a bejewelled glove. As you may have guessed by now, Heather is amazing and, actually, a very talented artist. If you'd like to know more about her you can check out her Facebook page, Awesome Portraits. She's also illustrated a book which is pretty damn fantastic.

Want to share your first kiss story? Head to the First Kiss Project page for ways to submit. 

Until next time, you gorgeous creatures x 

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