The First Kiss Project #3

Hello All, it's about that time again. Continuing on in our series, The First Kiss Project, I give you our third installment from the wonderful Kylie:

first kiss project

Arizona, US

My first kiss was a mess because I was a bundle of nerves in the arms of the cutest boy I knew. It started with us watching "Cast Away" late at night on his sofa pull-out. I told him I couldn't watch the part where Wilson floats away because I'd cry. I desperately didn't want to cry in front of my crush, ya know? So I covered my eyes and buried my head in my pillow, but he sat me up and pried my hands away from my face and made me watch it. After seeing my lip quivering, he said he "felt bad", so he laid me back down and faced me to give me apology snuggles. Then he shoved his tongue in my mouth -which tasted like fried chicken and mashed potatoes- and my natural reaction was to turn my head and his tongue dragged across my face. I laid there frozen with a wet face, completely mortified until he sat up and asked me if I was okay because I seemed really nervous. 

I honestly can't tell you why I was so painfully shy about kissing this ridiculously attractive kid but, in a stupid attempt to cover up my shyness and inexperience, I told him that I'd been molested a couple years before. Yep, I told my biggest crush that I was molested because I was terrified of his tongue and couldn't admit it. He then became super protective and caring and took me to his room where we slow danced to no music and he sweetly kissed me with no tongue. Three days later he told me I was a rebound, and for the next 6 months I was completely and unreasonably obsessed with him. Sigh.


Ah, young love. I completely understand, I'm sure we've all had that teenage brain fart in our most extreme moments of shyness and lied like nobody's business. Although in this case, it might just be PTSD-  I can't shake the image of this dreamboat with his tongue dragging awkwardly across your face like you were an ice cream. It's a shame he was a bit douchey in the end, I hope he stubs his stupid toe (that is the most I can wish someone ill without feeling terrible afterwards).

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Goodbye, you delicious people. I mean that non cannibalistically, of course... I'm not planning to eat you.

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  1. I really related to your story. About a year after my first kiss, there was a guy I was hanging out with who I fancied. One day he asked if he could kiss me. I was so taken aback that I said ‘no’. I’m generally quite sceptical of the whole ‘women saying no when they mean yes’ thing, but on that one occasion, it was true! He avoided me from that moment on, probably a bit mortified by the apparent rejection. I regretted it for several years!


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