The First Kiss Project #4

Continuing on in our series about first kisses, this week's story comes from Wonder Woman. Batman was already taken... because I'm Batman. But enough about our crime fighting side gigs, let's hear this fair lady's story:

first kiss project


Ok, my first kiss. I was 13. I had agreed to go out with a local boy that I'd dated extremely briefly the previous summer (at the same time as my best friend, we were fine sharing). He was blond, cute and something of a bad lad (he was in one of those boarding schools for rebellious kids). It was not quite in the moonlight - more like under the street lamp light leaking into the dimness of my my parents' car port. Friends were waiting at the end of the drive after an evening of messing about in my parents' large garden. This was it. Finally. I'd be 'frigid' no longer, as they charmingly described the non-snogged in my region at that time. I remember trying to recall and put into practice advice from friends, something about waiting to see if he put his tongue in my mouth, then gently doing the same. I remember liking it but I was quite preoccupied about whether I was doing it 'right'. My diary entry at the time sums up this momentous event rather amusingly:

"Snogged Chris (who I went out with last year) last night (what a babe!) I shared 3 bottles of Hooch with him and his 2 mates (Chris, 13, John, 13 and Antohny 12). Antony might go out with Debbie who says maybe, 'cos she's still going out with (saddo) Leigh. Holiday is nearly over (waaaaaaaaa!) I bought soom new Jeans too which I'm wearing 2day".

Yes, I really wrote like this. Life moved on pretty fast in those days...


I love this story and the diary entry from that very night to boot. Such reckless abandon, spelling and punctuation be damned! I particularly enjoyed the "what a babe" in brackets after Chris' name. And, I don't know about you but, I'm incredibly intrigued by this Leigh character and what made him such a "saddo".

If you 'd like to share your first kiss story, or stalk any of our previous participants, head to the First Kiss Project page.

Until next time my pretties.
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