All The Single Ladies (and Gentlemen).

Hello and greetings from Imposterland.

Are you single? Are you an online dater? Did you feel incredibly left out of our couples only opportunity last month? Well, now there's something just for you, no couples allowed, I promise.

The lovely folks at BBC Horizon are looking for open minded singles of all ages and persuasions to join their "Dating Extravaganza". The event will be held in London in September and aims to explore the science of online dating using a variety of different tests and fun experiments. If you'd like to apply, you can find more information below:

Horizon: Online Dating Experiment

Award-winning BBC science series Horizon is exploring the world of online dating, and we need your help. 
We’re looking for fun, open minded singles of all ages and preferences to take part in our ‘Dating Extravaganza’ – a big group event which will be filmed in London this September as part of an upcoming documentary.

Our dating event will be an opportunity to meet lots of new people while trying out a whole range of fun tests and demos. Can our mathematicians use Game Theory to find your best dating strategy? Can our computer whizzes digitally tweak your photo to make you look more outgoing or more intelligent? Could science make you fall in love with a stranger?
To be considered you must be:
    • Aged 18 years or over
    • Willing to appear on TV
    • Able to come to our studio in London for a day in September (date TBC) 
For more information and to register to take part please go to:

I must say, I'm a little gutted I can't apply for this, you know. But I am rather fond of the husband-shaped creature I live with so, it's ok.
But you can go you beautiful singles. Go! Date! Date like there's no tomorrow. Just don't fall in love with one of the people experimenting on you... that'll really send all the data askew.

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