Boohoo poor me :(

Hello my darlings. I just thought I'd post very quickly to update you.
What was supposed to be a short bout of illness has, unfortunately, turned into a bit of a long term issue.
I am ok, but it is going to take some time to recover from this one. As you can imagine, this has cut into my blogging time considerably... because basically I've been in bed doing this:
But, never fear I am still here, tired and hurty, but here all the same.
In between rest / hospital visits etc I am working on a piece for eHarmony UK to continue the "Modern Muslim Guide to Dating" series. The next instalment is all about the tricky endeavour of meeting the parents. I'll let you know as soon as it's live and available for public consumption. That sounds like you'll be eating it doesn't it? Well it's freaking delicious, so enjoy.

If you want to catch up with any of my previous eHarmony posts, you can find them all here.
If you haven't read my last blog post yet, what on earth have you been doing?? The lovely folks at the BBC are looking for people to be in a new documentary. For more details go here.

Ok, that's all really. I just wanted to say a big hello and let you know I'm still alive.
Oh, Johnny, you're just the sassiest little robot in town. If you don't understand this reference, I strongly suggest you turn around and shut the door on your way out. Go on, off you go. I bet you think Wall-E is the cutest robot you've ever seen don't you? Well, consider this my friend:

Well, that's enough vitriolic rage for one day.. I think I need a nap.
Good day, Internet. I shall see you soon for my triumphant return from the land of sickness. Which I envisage as me striding triumphantly towards you all, miraculously healthy and on a white horse; much like Gandalf... but with boobs.
(Beard optional).

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