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Hello, you delicious specimens, you. The sun is shining, the birds are singing, summer is in full swing and love is most certainly in the air. With this in mind, I have donned my advice giving hat once more for the lovely folks over at eHarmony UK. In case you were wondering, my advice giving hat is much like The Sorting Hat from Harry Potter except it just sits on my head and yells out all the different brands of chocolate and presents I require to help me be at my most empathetic and write quicker. This is a very exact science, you know.

eHarmony UK

Anyway, enough of heckling headgear. My latest column is all about navigating your way through an interfaith or cross cultural relationship. I am often approached by readers seeking advice on this. It can be incredibly daunting to know where to start when creating an amalgam of two different cultures or faiths in the home. I try to talk about the value of claiming both and creating room in your relationship for both of your identities to flourish.

Now, click on the happy interracial couple. Because every time you do a racist falls over. Not really, it'll just take you to the article.

eHarmony UK

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