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Well, hello there my darlings. It's been a while hasn't it?

I hope you all had a beautiful Eid, a sweet and prosperous Rosh Hashanah, a Spooktacular Halloween, a cracking Bonfire Night, a glittering Diwali, a gobble-gobbling Thanksgiving and, of course, a giant bumpy lemony Sukkot.

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It has been quite the veritable few months of festivals hasn't it? And many of them are food based which pleases me greatly. But alas, the winter months are drawing in and Jack Frost has stolen my nose.. or something like that. With such cruel (and pilferage) weather conditions afoot, there is no greater joy in these difficult times than twinkly lights, log fires, and mulled winter warmers a-plenty.

Now, things in the Imposter household get particularly festive at this time of year because we have the double whammy of festive frivolity..

That's right folks, I'm talking about Chrismukah. 

For those of you that don't know, us Muslims are actually quite big fans of Jesus so Christmas has always been a celebratory time for my family and me. Sadly, Bob's religion isn't as enthusiastic about our old pal JC; rather, my mother in law often refers to the 25th December as, "Yoshki's Birthday". But, never fear, there is always Chanukah. Lovely, warm, candlelit, eight nights of celebrating, miracle filled Chanukah. So, come winter time, and particularly in our Mooish household, we like to embrace both the Christ and the Maccabee of it all.... and the whole shebang kicks off again in less than a week.


But forgetting about the yamulclause for a moment (if such a thing were possible), lighting that first candle on our menorah with Bob always feels like the official start of the holiday period. Sometimes, even Ramadan and Eid can coincide with the winter festivities and we suddenly have a Christmarammadanukah on our hands. It's no wonder then that we had to rename our yearly gift exchange with Bob's friends and their lovely wives, "Secret Santa / Mysterious Muslim / Hidden Chanukah / Bashful Buddah".

With all of this eclectic good will and cheer frosting our fur trimmed hoods, it's hard not to become a little overwhelmed isn't it? Needless to say, I've just decided to cover all conceivable bases with our Christmas card this year:

Sorry for the spoilers, people who know me in real life.

Happy Holidays my darling Holly Jolly Wallies. I hope that whichever festival you choose to celebrate this holiday is filled with enough pomp and cheer that your cup overfloweth. And why wallies, you might ask? Because we're all fools for the holiday in one way or another, aren't we?

Also, there's a Where's Wally chocolate advent calendar giving me the eye on the mantle.
Now, I must go because I cant find Wally I've got some very important grown up stuff to do.

Now, here's some Christmas kitties. Ok BYE.


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