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Apologies for not posting since January. I realise it's been 11 months. I did try to post in the Spring and typed up one half of an epic story I wanted to tell you and then I just stopped and inexplicably carried on living my life.

Speaking of which... I am getting married.

I'm terribly excited. Bob proposed on my birthday.. because he's one smooth mother.
We have been in full wedding planning mode with our families ever since.We are having a civil ceremony first and then an interfaith blessing straight afterwards. It should be interesting.
My Mum is hilarious.. she keeps trying to change the wedding breakfast to Asian food at any given opportunity.

On the whole, everyone seems to be taking our Mooish life choice very well.
Apart from my female cousins and sister of course... It seems that single brown women who are older than you really don't like it when you announce your engagement. In fact, they want to hit you with bricks.
I'm one of the youngest in my extended family and there a LOT of single thirty-something women that have gone before me. Before, they used to view me a bit like this:

And now...... it's more like this:

I have suddenly become threatening. Me. The girl who dances around to Haul & Oates in her pants when no one's home.
It confounds me that people can be so utterly ridiculous. So now I am paying a shit tonne of money for these people to eat and drink and hate me on the day I get married. I wonder if my veil will set one fire from all the evil stares trying to penetrate the back of my head *reaches for flame retardant blanket*.

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