The Lark Ascending

I have the fondest memories of listening to Ralph Vaughan Williams with my father. The Lark Ascending was our favourite piece of music and something we delighted in sharing with one another. I remember he used to play it to me in the car whenever we were driving home. The darkness in the winter months blocking everything else out but the swelling music as we would glide through the streets in his Jaguar purring its way through the roads like they were slick butter. Such precious time with my daddy.. I will never forget it.
We wouldn’t even talk.. and I loved that. Music has the ability to move me so profoundly and completely at times and I relished the fact that he was the same, that this was something visceral and synonymous between us. And whenever I hear this song I am reminded of him and I driving in the twilight towards home and I am exponentially happy.

My Life As An Imposter

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