Eid Mubarak, isn't it.

Eid Mubarak to everyone celebrating! Wishing you much love, many kebabs, and all the ubiquitous yet inexplicable lantern imagery your heart desires. Seriously, why lanterns?

Why, tho?

There are many beautiful women gracing the hallowed grids of @PakistanStreetStyle today adorned in intricately beaded gowns and golden EVERYTHING. It often makes me wonder whether I should imbue the same sense of pageantry in my Eid wardrobe choices. We always wear new clothes on Eid but, over the years, we've moved away from traditional dress as a family. Perhaps this explains why I find myself bumbling into desi functions with all the grace and poise of a rishta aunty on poppers but, I must admit, I do rather enjoy this about myself.

Right, I'm keeping it short and sweet today so, that's about enough from me. I'm off to gorge on seviyan and make it rain with my Eidi like I'm in a rap video. You might not get this unless you're Muslim but, trust me, it's really fucking funny.

Run along now, children.
Grandma's tired.


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