The First Kiss Project #7

Hello All, if you're new here you may not be aware of an intermittent hobby of mine. I like to collect stories, specifically, those about first kisses. There is something so beautiful about that synonymous moment in each of our lives, where we wonder, "Oh shit. Am I going to be bad at this? Are you going to be bad at this?" Or, perhaps for the more self-assured among us, "Darling. I'm fantastic at this, kiss my face this instant."

After sharing my own first kiss story, I decided to create a space where the equally mortified, or lovingly nostalgic, could share their memories too. So, I started The First Kiss Project. Now, enough housekeeping, here's submission #7:

England, UK

It was planned with military execution and that’s no exaggeration. It happened at 9:10pm on Friday 26th November 2004. I was 15 years old, he was 20. He was Sikh. I am Muslim. And we were so, so in love. But there was a third person in our relationship - without knowing she was in our relationship – for a very long time. That was my Auntie. It’s complicated.

I had lost my father the year previously to getting to know him - let’s call him ‘C’ for the purposes of this story – and in C I found the friend and the solace that I needed at such a difficult time in my life. Now I look back, I was so young – but at the same time I was really mature. And we just connected, on so many levels. It was unreal.

So my Auntie and I had our own radio show together on a local radio station. She was 30 at the time. We met C through the radio where he and his cousin also had a show together. We were all friends but with me and C there was always something more and I feel like everyone kind of knew that on some level – but I also knew that my Auntie was falling for him too. I lived with her at the time, so this was kind of a difficult and awkward situation as she would be calling and texting him all the time in front of my face. For months and months C and I exchanged secret text messages until my weekly credit ran out (this was in the days where it would cost 12p at a time to send a text)

I would spend every spare minute I had during school hours speaking to him on the phone and would erase every text message from him on my way home from school. It got deep pretty quickly. I knew he was forbidden – firstly because I knew as a Muslim girl, boys were off limits, but even more so, because of his religion and the fact that he looked so obviously Sikh. But I fell in love with him so quickly, and vice versa. We even used to write each other secret letters that we’d leave in hiding places in the radio station for each other to find. I know it’s cheesy, but it was cute, okay?

Anyway, we knew we wanted to seal our relationship with a kiss (of course, this would be my first time ever touching a boy in that kind of way) but the problem was, we never had the chance to see each other alone. There was an evening event the radio station was putting on, which we would all be attending, so we began to plan how we would be able to be alone – because, obviously, my Auntie would be there and she had eyes like a hawk and would want her eyes on me at all times. 

It was crazy. He had to make up some stupid excuse to speak to me outside about my upcoming GCSEs and, as it was too noisy inside, he told my Auntie we were going outside for a bit. We literally had to plan it all second for second, ‘cause I’m not gonna lie, my Auntie was a bit cray (even more so because she fancied the pants off him, was jealous of me, and couldn’t stand us being alone together).

It happened in the car park under a moonlit sky. Finally alone, he pulled me in for a hug and we stood just embracing for a few minutes. This was the first time we were ever even touching properly and it was the most incredible feeling in the world. We both knew what was coming and I was SO nervous – I felt like this was my first step into womanhood and I also knew that after this, things would never be the same again. And it happened. 3 times. And I know it's cliche, but there were fireworks. It was incredible. I had never ever felt as close to someone in my whole life as I did in those moments.

The bubble was burst pretty quickly when I heard my Auntie assertively shouting my name across the deserted car park like I was a dog that needed to run back to its owner. We sprung apart. Had she seen us? Luckily, she hadn’t. The rest of that night passed by in a state of bliss, and as I got into bed later on that night I was floating on Cloud 9. But I also felt guilty as well – I guess that’s part and parcel of growing up as a brown female.

We ended up being in a deep, committed relationship for around 6 years after that. In that time, we went through a lot – mainly because of our differing religious beliefs, my family finding out and of course, crazy Auntie,, who was crazy in love with him. But that’s a whole other series of stories, which one day I would really like to share with the world. 

C and I are both now grown up, wiser and have families of our own – and we’re not in touch anymore at all, mostly out of respect for our partners. But what I will tell you is that he was the absolute best friend I have ever had in my life and I think of and pray for him every single day. Love is love and even when people separate physically, it doesn’t mean the end.

My first kiss – minus the Auntie – was pretty much perfect, and I’ll never forget it. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to share this story and relive such a beautiful time in my life. 


My my, that was quite the emotional roller coaster, wasn't it? I must say, I was a little nervous about the age gap when I first read this. I'd love to know more about you both and how you weathered the storms of differing ages, culture, and religions. Six years together is very impressive under such conditions and it's so lovely to hear how fondly you speak of this person and how much he's impacted your life. 

I hope you do keep sharing your story! You spin a lovely yarn and, quite frankly, I'm hooked. Also, I love your shoes and would like to steal them please. This is becoming a recurring theme with our contributors, isn't it?

If you 'd like to share your first kiss story, or stalk any of our previous participants, head to the First Kiss Project page

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