Well, Hello There Stranger.

Hello my Darlings. Despite appearances, I haven't dropped off the face of the planet. Although I have fallen down a rabbit hole of sorts.

I'm having a few health woes at present so these last few months have been rather slow and incremental in terms of my writing (and recovery). I cannot even begin to tell you how utterly sick of hospitals and bed rest I am.

But never fear, Dear Reader, soon I shall emerge from my protective bubble and be back to my old self before you know it. A few more weeks of rest and I'll be as full of youth, vigour, and vitality as these strange women laughing with salad.
Why ladies, why?

So, stay tuned for more stories from Imposterland and my latest installment for eHarmonyUK's relationship advice blog. If you haven't read the Modern Muslim Guide to Dating series yet, where on earth have you been?? Now, get a wriggle on and hop to it:

My Life As An Agony Aunt

If you're having love woes and need some relationship advice, drop me a line on: mylifeasanimposter@gmail.com and I'll reply via my upcoming posts for eHarmony UK's relationship advice blog.
Whether it's modern Muslim focused, interfaith or just a good, old fashioned, dating / relationship conundrum, all questions and queries are welcome. Just mark the subject of the email with the word "Advice" and I'll get back to you asap.

My Life As An Imposter

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