Aww Shucks...

Hello children.
Yes, yes I know I never posted part two of my Mooish Sunday exploits but life has really been kicking my ass these last few weeks because


Some cheeky little funt stole my bank card and cleaned out my account. I was in a bar buying a friend a birthday drink and somebody watched me punch my PIN into that strange card reader device and proceeded to steal my card from my handbag. He then used my PIN in the ATM round the corner (idiot), withdrew the contents of the account and apparently went to the Hilton.
So.. I've been busy waiting to get reimbursed by my bank and dealing with the police since last we met, dear Reader. But, I do owe you a part 2 to My Mooish Sunday so I shall post it in my next post after I have told you my other, more exciting, news.

Aside from the pick pocketing, this month has been very interesting indeed. In fact, I have guest posted AND been reblogged.

The wonderful and splendiferous Make up and Mirtazipine has featured both, Love, sex and organised religion and  No no.. by all means, step over my cold, dead body and save yourself you HARPY on her blog. Well, I am just tickled pink by this. If you get a chance, do go and visit her blog. 
Make up and Mirtazipine, aka Sarah, writes about life, love, travel and her experience with complex post traumatic stress disorder. I don't know quite how she does it, but I love the way in which she handles the bare bones and marrow of life with equal measures of humour and sensitivity. I find myself coming to her blog whenever my head needs de-fogging. She has a wonderful way of making the reader feel they are a part of her musings, as though we are in a cafe in the British Museum, chatting over a cup of tea.

So, on  the back of this guest posting, a little lady called Break the Sky, aka Manda, re-blogged my guest post Love, sex and organised religion in Link Love, Vol. 15
Break the Sky started blogging when she was a freshman in college and was voted best teen blogger in the 2010 Bloggies. I love that she has maintained her blog all throughout college and continues to post in her professional life as a PR lady in Washington DC.
She's also partial to a good cupcake and cup of tea. As a British person, this pleases me greatly.
Do check her out if you have a moment because she's marvellous.

So ladies... I just wanted to say a big, fat thank you

Seriously though, I was so happy, I did a little wee. Not really.. I don't need tena pants but it did make me smile.. a lot (and make squeaky noises at Bob for about an hour). 

My Life As An Imposter

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